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Workwear Wednesday from Express

Express is currently have a 30% off Workwear until the end of the day on 1.25.18. Since Express is my go-to for workwear, I thought I would gather a few essentials if you need to start a  base, or just revamp what you got. And don’t worry if you don’t need workwear for your job or don’t have a job, these pieces are good for “fancy” events, maybe even for ones your significant other may ask you to attend that call for professionalism and ….funerals too.

I gathered items that are interchangeable. That way you don’t just have 1 outfit, with these pieces I can see up to eight! That isn’t even including the outfits you can have if you pair them with denim pieces and sandals for a casual look instead! If you guys like this post, I would totally love to do workwear Wednesday every week! Each week we can do a different color base, store, price range, or even focus on a certain item (like purses or shoes)!

The black choker neck rolled sleeve blouse. (only $27.93) is great for layering under a blazer or wearing by itself in the summer. Here is the best part though, YOU CAN WEAR A SPORTS BRA UNDER IT. The higher neck line will conceal it! That’s always a plus for me! I pick black because it goes with everything. You can pair it with a black suit, aa grey suit, and a tan suit! This top also transitions to casual easily. you could very easily wear this with jeans or jean shorts, tuck the front of the shirt in and bam, cute af.

The Black High Waisted Tie Waist Ankle Pant. ($48.93) I have these and LOVE THEM. I love that they give a comfortable but chic alternative to your typical business pant. The thing about these pants is that they slim your legs!!! Typically when I put on a “skinny” business pant, I look like a busted can of biscuits. No one wants that! I recommend the black for your first pair simply because black goes with so much. You could easily wear these with a plain V-neck tee and a denim jacket, slap on some wedges or sandals and you’ve got a sleek causal look!

The quatrefoil print zip front tank.  ($31.43) Gosh. I don’t even know where to start on this top. It has such a refreshing print, its modern and sharp. Also, I love the zip front, this way it is customizable to your chest size but also to you event, if ya know what I mean 😉

The Black Cutaway Blazer. ($75.60) I love this blazer because the cutaway effect is slimming! And its fun to wear. I don’t know why but when I wear cutaway, or crop like jackets, I feel “cool” lol. I also love the no collar neck. I am notorious for getting makeup on my collars, and listen, no one has time to take a blazer to the dry cleaners after each wear. I also like the shorter sleeve. When you type a lot you don’t have to worry about the buttons slowing you up or just generally being annoying. AND these sleeves show off your arm garb! By the way this piece also easily pairs with a cotton dress or a white tee and denim! IF you don’t need a black one, it comes in a micro print (black and white) and blue too!

The High Waisted Longer Length Stretch Pencil Skirt. ($41.93) I do not have much to say about this piece, other than it is a must have staple. Although, skirts can be uncomfortable, you will not be disappointed by Express’s material. When they say stretch they mean it! 

The oversized stand collar shirt. ($41.93) I love the pleated sleeves! They’re extra but not too much. So whimsical. Also, oversized anything means you will be comfortable! And when your comfortable at work, you’re more productive!!! I like either the grey or the blush color for this one. If you get the blush, then you have a “lighter” alternative of outfit options. AND the blush will go better with jeans, sandals, and other spring wear. So maybe get both? lol 

Black heels. ($48.93) Look you just need a pair of black heels. I don’t know how anyone can live life without them! These are perfect for workwear because they are sleek and not too high. I think some shoppers get concerned about buying shoes from Express because they don’t focus on shoes, but I have had great experience with them! These can also double well for a fancy non-work event or church.

The Piped Pajama collar Shirt. ($34.93) I LOVE this shirt. It has such a subtle sex appeal well still being conservative enough for workwear. This top effortlessly pairs with any black bottom and blazer. BUT IT ALSO PAIRS well with destroyed denim, black leather motorcycle jacket and black ankle strap heels!

The Turnlock Top Handle Satchel. ($48.93) First, who doesn’t love to say “satchel,” that word has always been a fun one for me. I also have always had a shopping problem though. lol. Anyways, this bag is perfect for work because of its structured sleek appearance but also because it is versatile. You can carry it by its top handle close to your hip, or you can throw it across your body to keep your hands free! Great if you usually have to carry paperwork, or your coffee(s) for the day! The suede flap adds an extra flare of sophistication.  Also, I like the flap and turnlock closure. You don’t have to worry about people slipping into our bag, or something just falling out! It quite the “workwear” bag if you ask me!

Now get to work! 🙂