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Valentine’s Day Gifts

Listen. I get Valentine’s Day. You either love it or hate it. I go either way. I always love an excuse to shop and by gifts for myself, so I mostly like it. LOL.  If you are single, treat yourself. If you are in a relationship, treat yourself.

My favorite piece that I have sent my husband with multiple winking emojis? That Gucci clutch. I know. I know. So expensive. BUT ITS JUST SO CUTE. I have been on a serious Gucci loving kick lately. Here is a similar clutch, at a lower price. 

How cute is that pink scarf?! I love how bright the pink is! AND its only $30.99 right now.  I like that this one can transition well into March and April with its vibrant colors. Pair it with whites or chambray shirts to really make it pop!

oh Tory Burch… these Tory Burch husband actually turned me onto these, well he pointed them out to me when we were at Nordstroms, so basically I blame him for the purchase. I totally got them for my upcoming vacation. Guys. THEY ARE SO COMFY. LIKE WALKING ON ACTUAL FOAM. AND LIGHT AS A DAMN FEATHER. nice af.

RED LIPS! No Valentine’s Day is complete without red lipstick!  I love any excuse to wear red lipstick.  This Smashbox kit is awesome bc it is ONLY $10.00 AND this one gives you two looks! The lipstick itself is creamy and then you can add the transformer to make them matte.  How great is that!? and if you spend $35 on smashbox you get a free sample of primer!

Perfume. God bless a good perfume. I will always love Chanel perfume, it was what my mom always had on her dresser.  I would smell it and think I just couldn’t wait to grow up and wear it!

ok. I swear by my Kendra Scott Earrings. The great thing about these is that they will go with LOTS of stuff. The pink is super easy to wear, just as a tan it. The pink will also compliment anyone’s skin tones.

Sunglasses. A girl can never have too many. I have a problem with always wanting my sunglasses to match my outfits, bag, and even any metal on my shoes. The pink, gold ones are just beautiful.  They will give that elegant and pretty appeal.

This curling iron is the best! I have had mine for a month or so and I love it! It curls my hair so quick! The best is that it is only $30!!!  If you have shorter hair, this will give you more of a wave in your hair. If you want a tighter curl, they also have a 1″ barrel for $30.00 as well.

I always want a new phone case. I think because it’s my most used accessory it feels weird not to be changing it often.  I love this Kate Spade one in pink because its a durable leather. I especially like that it has the ability to “close” it for many reasons. For someone like my mom who always forgets to lock hers, this would be great. The pink matches a lot of other outfits too. I try to match my phone in addition to my sunglasses too. LOL

Remember. Treat yourself. 😉