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STL’s Best Pizza

If you don’t already know, my husband and I are fat kids at heart and LOVE PIZZA. We would eat it every day all day if we could without gaining weight. So we eat it once a week instead. lol So today I am bringing you our current top 5 go to picks for pizza, in no particular order…. (click the name to visit their pages!)

Deweys Pizza– man I love this place. I crave it at least once a month. They have the best service too! You can get the wildest combo pizzas here, like white sauce! If you have kiddos, they’ll love watching the pizza be tossed and made behind the big glass window!

Blackthorn Pizza– The best dive bar with Chicago style! This one is my husband’s fav. The deep dish and sweet spicy sauce is just primo. You have to try it out. ITS JUST SO GOOD. keep in mind it is a bar, so the wait may be a little longer…but its worth it!

Anthonino’s Taverna– The cutest date night spot! Their pizza is sooo good, all 14″ and hand tossed, aka heaven. UM ALSO — voted Best Toasted Ravioli 7 Years in a Row! (RFT – ’11 – ’18) AND Favorite Italian Restaurant RFT Reader’s Choice – ’18. YOU MUST CHECK THIS PLACE OUT!

Café Telegraph– I cannot brag enough about this place. The sauce is sweet yet spicy and the crust is just the right thinness.  This place has so much more to offer as well, like amazing smoked ribs and chickens!! Trust me, everything is good here!

St. Louis Pizza and Wings- this is my favorite to grab and take home, or delivery…but my husband is cheap af and always chooses to go pick it up. I die at how cheap he can be lolol. I really don’t have much more to say, other than that its good af. There is something about the cheese and the thin crust that just works.

I can assure you this is not the end of my posts about eating, or pizza!