Setting Sprays

Hey Beauties!

Setting spray is a crucial piece of any makeup routine, but often overlooked, or considered an “added expense.”

I can tell you from my many years of playing with different makeup usage, applications, etc. that setting spray makes a HUGE Difference when using the right ones the right ways.

I have three favorite ones, often switching between all three depending on what look I am trying to achieve.

My First all time favorite is the MORPHE continuous setting mist (here $15). This one gives my skin back its natural appearance after I have caked on a ton of makeup. This is HUGE to me.  I also like how light it feels on my skin. I also LOVE that it sprays continuously, allowing me to get a 100% even application of the spray. AND the price is great!

Second Favorite is the URBAN DECAY all nighter long-lasting setting spray (here $32).  I love that I can essentially apply this one two ways, one as a primer to help oil production and then obvi as a setting spray. I definitely have problematic skin so being able to control oil production in the summer is awesome.   Although this one is the higher priced of all 3, it definitely is the winner for the longest lasting. Use this one when you know you are goin to be out for a while, might be sweating, etc.

Last but not least is the MAC Prep+ Prime fix+ (here $26).  Now this one is probably the most dewy looking. I like this one for re-leveling out the caked on look too. I like to keep the travel size of this one in my bag because it has the ability to re-vamp any look I have going.  This one can be applied as a primer and a setting spray. They also offer different variations to suit your needs and the look your going for.

Biggest tip for setting sprays- never apply them after your mascara or false lashes.  Always apply BEFORE mascara and eyelashes, otherwise you risk transferring the mascara to skin, or making the eyelash glue ineffective. YIKES AF! Second tip is not to apply too much, if you do too much your makeup can literally start running… its happened to me so many times. lol