Makeup Brushes

Getting good Makeup brushes can MAKE your look, any good makeup product is only as good as its application. So here is my round up of must have brushes that I use the most.

before I get started, I do want to link a very affordable set of brushes I have previously gotten on amazon. I have used them all and love them. So if you are wanting to get into makeup or simply cant afford higher ends, try these!!! If you want to refresh, or just try my techniques, see below!

Foundation-I use this brush for my foundation, it is the only brush I have used that doesn’t require a lot of effort on my part for an even application.

Concealer- definitely a ride or die for this morphe sponge for my concealer and a ton of other stuff, but we can save that for another post.

Bronzers/Blushes- I like to use this one (mines black) an small to medium round fluffy brush for bronzers and blushes so as not to apply to much. You can always build but you never want to have to wash and start over!

Eyebrows-This brush is the best for getting those brows just right. I use it with a brow pomade or with a eyeshadow that matches my brows. lol

Eyeshadow-The very basic requirement for eyeshadow. I use this for my base and my first blending colors.

Eyeshadow (bottom lash line)- this brush is what I use to keep my bottom eyeshadow high and tight and blended up to the upper lid.

Eyeshadow (shimmers)- this brush is the best when stamping on the shimmer shadows.

Eyelash glue- so this is an odd one and definitely not the purpose of this brush, but I use it to re apply glue to my eyelash strips if there are any gaps after I have already applied them.

Highlight- This brush is great for delicately applying highlight. If you apply too much highlight you an look old and rough. 

***I am not a makeup artist. My tips are from my experiences and my personal preferences.