Fall Makeup Look

Hi Beauties!

I love a good neutral makeup look, and for me I love it in the fall even more. It is so much easier to match a neutral look to all the neutral tones in fall clothing.

So I like to start with my base, laura mercier hydrating primer (here), followed with my foundation.  I will forever LOVE the ysl all hours foundation (here). It is just so smoothing on my acne consequence(d) skin.  I get the best application with this morphe sponge, damp of course! (here Then I apply my ride or die tarte shape tape concealer to my under eyes (here). Next I set this whole base with the TRANSLUCENT LOOSE SETTING POWDER – LAURA MERCIER (y’all this is important if you want the makeup to last!)  (here)

I then draw in my eyebrows— different for everyone! I use the ABH Brow wiz. (here) It just glides on so well. What I love the most is how easy it can come off if you make a mistake.

Next is the fun part! Eyeshadow- keep in mind I have used the tarte shape tape on my eyelids, setting it with the same powder. I start in with this morphe palette. (here) I use all the top left corner ones to build my base, then I use the bottom right and left corners to smoke it out.  My most important tip is that I go in with a light hand and blend, making sure that I step back from the mirror every once in a while to see how I am progressing. I do love all these colors, they are all so fall!

Bronzer/contour- Again I use the basic af contour palette, ABH. (here) If something isn’t broke why fix it?!

BEFORE I put on my eyelashes I like to spray my face with my setting powder. This way I know the glue will go unharmed lol. I am loving the morphe setting spray, it really gives back a natural appearance! (here)

Eyelashes- I swear by the brand Ardell for lashes. They are so well priced, yet so well made too! I have been venturing out a tad lately- more on that soon! Pictured for this look I used these and LOVED them. The studio effect part, means that they are double up, or thicker. I just love the way they show up and look.

Lips- for fall Huda has a lot of good colors, well they do in general really. lol. If you haven’t tried them yet, believe the hype because it is that good! (here)

Let me know what else you would like to see, read, or hear!