double braids

Hi guys!

So every time I wear my hair in my double braids, y’all love it so much. I’m not sure why but ill take it since its super easy!

I usually do it when my hair is dirty, but you don’t have to. First tip is def to have your hair combed. If not you wont make it threw it. LOL Depending on you hair, you would want to use any of your de-frizz products before you start the braids. Then simply take a comb (like this one, using the pick end) and start the part in the middle of your head and draw it all the way back. I clip off the half I am going to do second. Otherwise I will mistakenly grab pieces from that side and it can get sloppy. Then I start braiding! Its best braid the first piece a little bit before grabbing onto the rest and making your way down. That will defy your braid more. Once I reach the bottom of my head and before moving onto the regular braid, I pull some of the braid to make it look a little thicker and messier. Then I resume the rest. Once I am done I use the little rubber bands to secure my braid. Then I repeat on the other side.  For finishing products I use big sexy hair spray (available with amazon prime!), making sure I press down on any parts that are sticking out too wildly.

If you want to multi-task, put the living proof styling treatment in your hair before hand, it will set the braids into a neat beachy wave!