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Denim Jackets to get you ready for the Fall!

Hi Beauties!

How many of us think a denim jacket is pretty much a staple of the closet, let alone a staple for fall? ALL OF US should.

So I have rounded up my favorite picks, all under $50 (except one), dark, light, distressed. Try to pick one that fits your style. I will explain with each jacket!

To start with the most basic of basic, is this OLD NAVY one for $30 (here).  No explanation needed, its a generic medium denim and cut. Also, when the jacket is this basic, it is going to compliment your wilder prints without being too over the top.

This Urban Outfitters, Classic “trucker” jacket is under $50 and comes in THREE colors (here).  I am legit tempted to pick up the ivory/tan one, because that shit would go with so much in the fall! The indigo color is the most basic. I like this one a tad more than the Old Navy one above simply because of the higher hem in the back. This will be more flattering, giving your booty more opportunity to make an appearance.

This OLD NAVY one hits between the two mentioned above, not totally basic and a shade or two “cooler” LOL (here). At the $36.99 price point (with code LUCK you can get 30% off too!) you can’t go wrong!

Next, I am loving this cropped one, mainly because it actually has gold/rose gold buttons! (here) I can never find one and for me I HATE when all my metals don’t match. (I may have an issue with that lol). So anyways, with the crop and the “bluer” tone to this one it is less basic and more stylish.

Moving again into the more daring but still basic arena, is this distressed one (here). Distressed ones are amazing for adding a certain flare without being “that girl who tries too hard” This OLD NAVY one will hit that mark for you, AND ITS ONLY $34!!! The distressing adds dimension to any of your plain prints or more boring clothes.

Lastly, is my favorite closet piece, well, of my denim jackets (here). This BLANKNYC denim jacket will not be a winner for most of you. But for me, it is to die for. I just love that it has the floral embroidery for softness, but the metal spikes for edginess.  It basically sums up my personality. lolol.

Next week, I will be rounding up the best fall cardigans!